Storytelling in Mexico | The know how of telling stories.

“In fact, stories only magnify the need to have something remarkable and honest to say.”

-Seth Godin.


Being at the right place, at the right time with the right amount of time to get the perfect footage, a lot of patience and a huge smile. This is our dream, our story and the perfect job.

Whale shark

Every year lots of whale sharks come to the Caribbean cost to feed. Watching them is amazing, so big and overwhelming, they seem to be very fragil compared with the human beings ambition.

Coral lives

Last year the coral reproduction program by Xcaret wasn't that succesful as it used to be. The ocean became 2℃ warmer, killing most of the coral reinserted into the sea. Science isn't enough if we don't take care about global warming.

Ixchel's canoe women

Mayans used to cross from Xcaret to Cozumel rowing a canoe, it was The Sacred Journey. Women used to bring offerings to Ixchel godess and ask her for favors. Nowadays, these women acomplished this goal, without knowing the huge challenge they've got to face when the wish they asked for came true.

Ciudad Mayakoba

This project is about a great planned urban development. Is a comfortable place with all the services a nice urban development needs, but also considering nature as escencial part.

La Danza de los Viejitos

México Espectacular by Xcaret, is one of the most exciting shows about mexican history and culture. This old dancers teach us that everything is possible if it comes from the heart.

Sacred Mayan Journey

"It doesn't matter if you're slower and your skin is wrinkled, what matters is life and the won fight..."

Beti Solís teaches us in her last Sacred Mayan Journey that dreams are unlimited, age doesn't matter as long as we are following our dream.

The Canul Chi family

History tell us about how the great Mayan culture was, but the truth is that it wasn't, it still is, it's still alive.

The Canul Chi family is an example of a family that proudly carries on their traditions and their roots.

The flight of a butterfly

Kutrina and her 3 children travel to the Mayan Riviera with the ashes of her mother and grandmother to give them a proper traditional mayan burial. The nature of this magical land will help Kutrina and her kids give life after death, through the last goodbye to the people they loved so.


Who are we anyway?

Two filmmakers, both of us hard worker dreamers. We decided to mix our expertise with our wanderlust and start our own adventure.

After all, the only way to make a path is to keep going.